What Is Agreement Of Sale Deed

You need to think about why we focus on these two terms. Well, the reason for this is that most people think that these two terms are the same, which is not true. The two terms are at odds with each other and it is important to know the difference between a contract of sale (also known as a contract of sale) and a deed of sale. If we were to say the fundamental difference between these two, you can understand by the fact that the purchase contract is the promise of transfer of ownership, while the deed of sale is the actual transfer of ownership. A deed of sale is usually a document that transfers the rights of a party who owns another property. It is mainly formulated as a continuation of the purchase contract. All the conditions mentioned in the purchase contract are fulfilled and respected in the deed of sale. Thus, if a buyer buys a property under a purchase contract but does not pursue it with the execution of a deed of sale, he has no rights to the property. With these documents, all other documents necessary for the purchase contract must be attached. This shows the willingness of both parties to sell and buy a property in question and concludes in the preparation of the actual deed of sale. This cannot therefore be called a deed of sale, as it does not create any rights to the property for the buyer. This absolute rule is subject to the exception provided for in Article 53A of the Law on the Transfer of Ownership. .

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