Tuni Learning Agreement

You can participate in an exchange if there is an official agreement between your home university and TAMK. Unfortunately, TAMK does not accept students outside of these agreements (generally known as guest or non-free mover students). If your university does not have an agreement with TAMK, please check with your international office to find out which other universities your university has agreements with or if you would like to develop an agreement with TAMK. If you have not found answers to your questions on these sites, please contact TAMK`s student exchange service: incoming.tamk [at] tuni.fi Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) welcomes exchange students from international partner universities with which we have a bilateral exchange agreement. All applicants must be officially nominated by their home university for incoming.tamk [at] tuni.fi. Our Erasmus+ code is SF TAMPERE06. The nomination must contain for each student the following information: students who come to TAMK via the Erasmus+ or Nordplus programme also have the opportunity to apply for an accessibility grant. For more information, please contact your Erasmus+ or nordplus coordinator at your home university. If you arrive at TAMK via an agreement other than Erasmus+ or Nordplus, please inquire about the possibility of applying for an accessibility grant from your home university. You are eligible if you are studying as a student at a higher education institution with a valid student exchange agreement (such as Erasmus+, Nordplus, FIRST or bilateral student exchange) with TAMK. Our Erasmus+ code is SF TAMPERE06.

If you have a diagnosed illness, learning difficulties or disability, we will do our best to help you study at TAMK. Such reasons are deafness, visual impairment or other sensory impairments, dyslexia, panic disorder or Asperger`s syndrome. Please include this information in your application form. The duration of an exchange of studies can be a semester or two, depending on the terms of the bilateral agreement between the TAMK and the partner university concerned: NOTE! Students who follow the tamk courses must also send certain health test results after being admitted as exchange students at tamk: the year of study at TAMK is divided into two semesters, each consisting of two periods. All new international students must participate in the Welcome Week program. Biomedical laboratory sciences, nursing, physiotherapy, radiography and radiotherapy, social services (training): students must send by e-mail, at least one week before arrival, a negative MRSA test of up to 30 days (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). Samples should be taken from the nose and possibly from other infected areas. The results must be clearly indicated in English. Students applying as exchange students at TAMK must have completed at least one year of study at their home university before the start of the exchange at TAMK.

Exceptionally, applicants to the physiotherapy program must have completed at least two years of study and at least one internship period at their home university. . . .