Strike Agreement Reached

On Wednesday, the district had laid off 2,000 employees „in the event of a prolonged strike,“ according to Kenyatta McCarty, executive director of human resources. The decisions are a precautionary measure, as income is tied to the end of a full school year, she said. Members of the Dedham Education Association held a one-day strike after they failed to reach an agreement with Dedham Public Schools on issues ranging from salaries to the use of mobile phones for students. Production workers went on strike on June 22 after overwhelmingly rejecting the company`s final offer. The agreement includes 209 additional social worker positions, 250 health centers, „enforceable class size restrictions,“ $35 million to reduce class sizes — starting with schools with the most needy students — a reversal of the city`s increase in employee health insurance costs and a sports committee with a $5 million budget for coaching scholarships and sports equipment. Updated: 24. May 2020 Interim central agreements (in April) with the Teachers` and Teaching Workers Federation have been ratified by the Ontario Public School Boards Association (OPSBA) and the union. Members of the Union of Chicago Teachers will be back in school Friday after an 11-day strike against Chicago Public Schools. Mayor Lori Lightfoot agreed to complete the school year with five days of makeup.