Licence Agreement Letting Private Garage

During the driver`s licence, the car is parked in the room at the user`s risk. The license gives the licensee the right to use the garage during the licence period. If necessary, the licensee also has a right of priority on all the donor`s land that gives access to the garage. B. If the fee is seven days late from the date it is due (imposed by law or not) or if the taker does not comply with or comply with any of the agreements included, the licensee or his agent may return to the premises: and, subsequently, the license, without prejudice to the licensee`s rights and remedies, determines for any late rent or for a violation of the licensee, At the time of possession by the licensee or his agent, the licensee receives a 7-day notice period to the last known address of the licensee, from the date on which the donor or his agent makes the possession available to clear the contents of the garage. which must be agreed by the licensee after a fixed date with the licensee or his agent. The licensee responsible for the licensee`s participation fee or agent in order to allow the former licensee to access the authorization in order for the authorization to expire, is treated as having left the garage, the licensee or his agent reserves the right to dispose of the contents of the garage and the licensee agrees to allow all rights to all property or contents of this garage to expire, and the costs of evacuation/cleaning and cleaning must be discharged. 13. Without the written agreement expressly of the licensee, doors must not be completed or modified without the written consent of the licensee, or add locks, remove existing locks or change keys at garage doors. one. The weekly licence fee is payable monthly in advance only by direct debit. At the time of registration, a prepayment is required, the amount of which varies depending on the type of rental. Mr.

The garage, forecourt or composite space in which the garage is located, do not use for commercial, commercial, commercial, advertising, illegal or immoral purposes. B. Keep the garage, including doors, windows, gutters, faucets and hard surfaces, in the area of land where the garage is located, in good repair condition and in a clean and orderly condition. We have expanded the scope of our documents relating to the use of garages and car parks. Model rentals and licenses are available to cover the following situations. This service agreement grants a worker who lives in a dwelling (from a single room to an entire property) an operating licence granted to better meet his professional obligations. 11. At the expiry of the licence, silently and silently deliver the premises to the licensee or his agent in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. All items, including motor vehicles, left in the garage after termination are considered abandoned and may be deemed appropriate by the licensee or his representative in the garage without being exempt from liability. The licensee may charge the former licensee the full cost of evacuating, cleaning and repairing the garage if the licensee does not leave the garage in the required condition. i.

When the license expires, remove the car and other items from the garage. All remaining items at the expiry of the licence may be disposed of by the Commission without notice. In the event of a return to the garage, the costs associated with forced entry into the garage and the disposal of the goods contained in it are charged to the licensee. The Commission is not liable for loss or property damage incurred after the notice expires. The fee is VAT-free, but the user must pay the VAT due.