Hsaa Collective Agreement Alberta Health Services

As COVID 19 epidemics occur in the field of continuing education, Alberta`s public health heroes are called upon to deal with private care with their colleagues and help stop the spread where it is most aggressive. „How can AHS, in good conscience, ask health professionals to put their own health at risk without ensuring that this action is not responsible?“ HSAA President Mike Parker wrote in a letter to AHS President and CEO Dr. Verna Yiu. AHS offers 89-day contracts to some casual workers to prevent the benefits required after three months of full-time employment, as stipulated in their collective agreement, according to the Alberta Health Sciences Association. „These statements by Travis Toews are arrogant and insulting,“ she says in part. „He is threatening to lay off 750 nurses, and they are simply asking him not to do so until the pandemic has subsided and formal contract negotiations have been concluded. It is abominable to „enjoy a health crisis“ for nurses who work double-layered, often in more than one hospital. „I think it`s the most reasonable way forward, especially for health care professionals… Delay negotiations until we can survive COVID and insurance. So we hope that they will react and that I will leave it at that. In his letter to Yiu, Parker notes that his initial request for a paid sick period for casual workers „skidded“ during the health emergency.

He followed Tuesday`s letter. This agreement, negotiated between the unions and the employer, will ensure that they can continue to do so while protecting themselves. Finance Minister Travis Toews issued an explosive press release on Thursday afternoon accusing an Alberta nurses` union of orchestrating a „cross-cutting and unsustainable demand for indeterminate job security,“ which he called a „shameful effort to exploit a health crisis.“ Every day, our health care people dedicate their lives to saving the lives of Albertans. In the pandemic, it is no different. „Mr. Toews must weaken the rhetoric and stop insulting the group of workers who are turning the health care system through this crisis,“ Harrigan said. „The government`s announcement a year ago that 750 nurses would be laid off this year or more in the coming years had already created enormous uncertainty before the pandemic began.“ „It is simply wrong that the ADF is seeking to ensure indeterminate job security,“ he said. We have proposed that the current agreement continue until a new collective agreement is reached. Edmonton (Oct 13, 2009) – The Alberta Health Sciences Association (HSAA/NUPGE) has negotiated an extensive „voluntary withdrawal letter“ on behalf of members covered by their collective agreement with the province. Yesterday (April 23), the Alberta Health Sciences Association (HSAA), the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) and United Nurses of Alberta (UNA) negotiated an agreement with alberta Health Services (AHS) that sets out the parameters for this temporary redeployment of staff.

Today, the three unions representing the majority of AHS staff issued the following statement: Toews issued the statement after the United Nurses of Alberta, which represents more than 30,000 registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses and „allied workers,“ announced its rejection of the Alberta Health Services proposal to postpone collective bargaining until 2021. This is a complicated situation caused by a very serious emergency that affects all parts of Alberta, and the best way to deal with it was for all parties involved to cooperate and reach an agreement that is satisfactory to both parties, ensuring that Alberta`s health services are fully occupied and that our members are treated fairly while they are on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. It is thanks to all the participants that this work has been a success. „Heather Smith, AA President „We have asked the AAU to work with us to push negotiations on its new treaty““